“Not only does he have the rare talent of finding the right words, but also the voice and the approach to bring out their full sound. Leo uses rhyme with vigor, intelligence and elegance. His music is made from layers of the most enduring B-Rock, with the sensitivity of the song that there was before, and the spirit that now beats in urban Brazil, a territory which is part of the valuable Leo Minax`s musical identity. ” (BRUNO GALINDO – Writer and performer)

Collage de SEAN MACKAOUI para el nuevo disco de Leo Minax, "DA BOCA PRA FORA" (Collages by Sean Mackaoui)

“Leo Minax is a complete artist. He composes very well, the lyrics and the melody. Moreover, he is an assured and expressive singer. And not only that: he also plays the guitar with total mastery. He has an unusual rhythmic sense and his harmony is extremely rich. His performances on stage are unbeatable. Leo puts all of this in the service of his art. Sometimes he seems a contemporary troubadour, singing verses full of poetry. Other times he`s just looking for a song that’s complete, well-formed. We are friends and partners. We’ve made a few good songs, with the promise of increasing the harvest. I really like sharing the stage with him. We always have a good time!” (CHICO AMARAL – Brazilian composer)

“… You could put him on that path traveled by Jorge Drexler, Celso Fonseca or Paulinho Moska. A music concerned with textures and timbres. (…) Leo Minax has quite a number of fantastic new songs, such as “Invençáo do Relógio” and “Tempo de Samba”. He is a completely contemporary artist with so many and such diverse influences from pop and rock that they end up dissolving into his songs without leaving obvious marks, almost without a trace. Although certain sequences of chords and intonations situate him: Minas Gerais, the giant landlocked Brazilian state which gave rise to Toninho Horta, Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges …” (CARLOS GALILEA – journalist for El País newspaper and RNE Radio, Spain)

Collage by Sean Mackaoui