Collages by Sean Mackaoui (DA BOCA PRA FORA):

Collage de SEAN MACKAOUI para el nuevo disco de Leo Minax, "DA BOCA PRA FORA"

“Innovative, creative, a master of composition, completely in tune with the times, Leo Minax brings us the conviction that songwriting is always something transformative. And this is what we want! “


“Leo Minax is one of the most creative and original composers of his generation in the Contemporary Brazilian Popular Music. His voice has a nice timbre and his melodies and harmonies reflect the real atmosphere of the State of Minas Gerais, the place he was born, and the birthplace of many great musicians. ”

“Leo Minax is a complete artist. Up very well, both the letter and also the melody. Moreover, it is a safe and expressive singer. And not only that: He plays the guitar with total mastery. He has an unusual rhythmic sense and his harmony is full of wealth. His performances on stage are unbeatable. Leo puts all this in the service of his art. Sometimes he seems a contemporary troubadour, singing verses full of poetry. Other times he`s just looking round the well done song (…)”